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Electric boilers are just one of many heating systems we work on.

Heating Specialists

You depend on your heater during the coldest months for warmth and comfort. When your heater fails, you may have insufficient heat or no heat at all, and you may find your heating bills rising. As a reliable, local heating company out of Bradford, ON, the experts at Impressions Home Solutions Inc deliver full-service repairs, replacement, and installations for an extensive range of heating systems. When you need heating service out of Bradford, ON and throughout Ontario, reach out to our team at 905-806-1409.


Our team of highly skilled technicians are trained to provide heating services out of Bradford, ON on a broad range of systems.

Here are just some of the heater services we provide.

Boiler Repair and Replacement

Whether you have an oil or gas boiler system, our technicians have the skills to repair and replace them. Though boilers are highly durable, you may experience common problems like kettling, in which hard water creates excess mineral build-up, leaks or drips, pilot light issues, or even no heat.

Electric Furnace Repair/Replacement

Whether your electric furnace has stopped heating because of a worn thermostat, faulty burners, duct damage or other problems, our team of professionals is the experienced team to call for heater services out of Bradford, ON. We offer affordable repairs and replacements on the latest systems.

Floor heating is an innovative way to heat your home.

Floor Heating Install and Repair

In our team’s capable hands, you can warm your home with an under floor heating system. We can install electric heaters under virtually any kind of flooring, whether it’s stone tile, wood laminate, vinyl, or even carpet. Floor heating systems provide safe, effective and efficient heat distribution through radiant heat without overheating your home. If your under floor system needs repairs, we can do that too.

Garage Heater Installation

If your garage is freezing cold, a garage heating system is perfect to warm it up while you work in it. We install and service a variety of ceiling mounted garage heaters, both gas-fired and forced-air units.

Gas Furnace Repair and Replacement

Whether your gas furnace is failing to heat sufficiently or is producing no heat at all, our pros can find out what’s causing your heating problems and fix them fast. If your old heater needs replacing, we offer the latest energy efficient systems. We offer affordable, reliable heating service out of Bradford, ON and throughout the region.

Gas Stove Repair

Whether you have a damaged gas line or your pilot light or ignition system needs cleaning, our team is the team to call for repairs. We offer full service gas stove and gas line repairs to make sure you’re cooking again in no time.

Thermostats are just one part we repair and replace.

Heater Parts Replacement

For heater services out of Bradford, ON, we offer an extensive range of parts repair and replacement for your HVAC system. Our skilled technician can replace and repair thermostats, heat pumps, gas valves, capacitors, as well as a broad range of other parts for any kind of heating system.

Heating System Maintenance

Regular maintenance and repairs from trained professionals like those at Impressions Home Solutions Inc will keep your heating system warming no matter how cold it gets outside. Because the parts in your heating system work together to warm your home, any part that fails could cause the heater to stop working altogether and leave you without heat until repairs are made. For optimum performance, make sure to get regular heating service out of Bradford, ON from the heating pros at Impressions Home Solutions Inc.

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With years of experience, we have become the reliable heating company based out of Bradford, ON and surrounding area. Whether you need routine maintenance, minor repairs, or need to replace or install a new system, we are the team to call. Schedule us today for services by calling 905-806-1409.