Gas Line Repair in Bradford, ON

Gas line repairs are a specialty.

Gas Line Experts

Natural gas provides one of the most energy efficient sources for heating available. When your gas lines stop heating you can depend on Impressions Home Solutions Inc for gas line repair based out of Bradford, ON and surrounding areas. We are a leading home solutions company, with years of experience providing heating and cooling services for homes and offices throughout Ontario. One of our specialties is servicing gas lines for gas furnaces, water heaters, gas stoves and other gas appliances for both commercial and residential clients. For gas line repairs out of Bradford, ON, give us a call at 905-806-1409.

Problems with Gas Lines

If you are heating or cooking with gas, problems with the natural gas delivery system may occur, whether from lack of maintenance or general wear and tear. Your gas furnace may produce insufficient heat which could indicate a thermostat problem, but if it’s not heating at all you may have a problem with your gas line and will need gas line repairs out of Bradford, ON.

Our highly skilled and trained technicians are experienced in repairing any gas line issue you may have, whether it’s your gas furnace heating system, you gas stove or your gas water heater. We can even repair gas fireplaces. We also specialize in installing and repairing commercial gas lines, particularly for gas ranges in restaurants.

As a safety precaution, if you suspect any issues with your gas line, especially if you suspect a leak, call your gas company immediately to shut off the gas supply. You can also call your fire department if the gas company is unable to respond promptly. Gas leaks can prove dangerous, so the supply needs to be shut off before any gas line repairs out of Bradford, ON are made.

If you detect any odd smells, especially a sulfuric or rotten-egg smell, you may have a gas leak. You may also hear hissing or whistling near your appliance or pipes.

Prompt, Reliable Repair

For fast, reliable gas line repair out of Bradford, ON, we are the team to contact. Get in touch with us to schedule a service by calling 905-806-1409.