Gas Fireplace Repair and Installation in Bradford, ON

Gas fireplaces make an attractive, energy efficient home improvement.

Popular Home Improvement

Fireplaces add dashes of coziness and romance to any home. They are also a great source of warmth in the fall and winter. In the past few years, one popular home improvement has been installing gas fireplaces. Beautiful and practical, gas fireplaces make a welcome addition to any home. Impressions Home Solutions Inc specializes in improving our customers’ homes, not only making them more attractive and comfortable, but also increasing its energy efficiency to save our customers money. If you would like to learn more about gas fireplace installation out of Bradford, ON, give us a call at 905-806-1409.

Why Choose a Gas Fireplace?

Besides offering homeowners a trendy way to improve their home, gas fireplaces serve as an additional heat source that helps you cut down on heating bills. When you install a gas fireplace out of Bradford, ON, you get a highly efficient energy source that allows you to turn down the heater on cold winter days.

With a gas fireplace, up to 1,000 square feet of living space can be heated up at a minimal cost. Installing a gas fireplace out of Bradford, ON gives you all the advantages of heating with natural gas.

Gas fireplaces are also more efficient than traditional wood-burning fireplaces and cost about $60 a year to run compared to $190 a year for a wood fireplace. They also require less maintenance than a traditional fireplace. You have less cleanup because gas fireplaces have no ashes and reduce soot build-up in the chimney. Maintenance and repairs are relatively minor too. For gas fireplace and gas line repair out of Bradford, ON, you can rely on the experienced technicians at Impressions Home Solutions Inc.

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Looking for a great way to improve your home’s look and energy efficiency? A gas fireplace may be right for you. If you are interested in a gas fireplace installation out of Bradford, ON, look to the experts in home improvements. See what Impressions Home Solutions Inc can do by calling 905-806-1409.