Air Conditioner Parts Replacement

Our technicians are experts with AC parts repair and replacement.

Parts Repair and Replacement Experts

To keep you cool and comfortable without interruption, all of your air conditioner’s parts must run smoothly. Air conditioners are complex machines. A malfunction in just one area can affect the unit’s operation, whether it’s dirty coils preventing hot air from being absorbed or a compressor has stopped circulating refrigerant. Anytime any of the parts fail, you can trust the highly trained, skilled technicians at Impressions Home Solutions Inc for air conditioner parts repairs and replacement out of Bradford, ON.

At Impressions Home Solutions Inc, we ensure fast, reliable service when it comes to repair and replacement of your air conditioner’s parts. We know you depend on your air conditioner to keep your home or office cool and comfortable in the hottest parts of the year. That’s why we make customer service a priority. To make sure your air conditioner continues to cool dependably, we use only the highest-quality parts from premium manufacturers.

Whenever your air conditioner stops working right, you may have problem with one or more parts. If your air conditioner needs parts replacement or repair out of Bradford, ON, have one of our technicians come and check it out. Schedule a service with us by calling 905-806-1409.

Air Conditioner Parts

As a complex machine, your air conditioner has several major parts that can need repairs or replacement if they malfunction, including compressors, fans, blowers, coils and condensers. Most of these parts will be in the outside unit. All of our technicians are highly qualified and trained for air conditioner parts repair and replacement out of Bradford, ON.

Compressor Repair and Replacement

Compressors are one of the most essential parts of your air conditioning unit. Without the compressor, you’ll get no cold air blowing at all. Most modern central air-conditioners are split systems. That is, they have indoor and outdoor units and compressors are located in the outside unit. Compressors are motorized and as their name indicates, they compress the refrigerant into a high pressure gas that gets condensed into a liquid before evaporating into a gas inside the home and absorbing heat. Compressors are workhorses and as such experience a lot of wear. This wear combined with dirt and grime can cause the compressor to require replacement or repair out of Bradford, ON.

Fan Repair and Replacement

There are two fans that make up an air conditioning unit, the blower fan and the condenser fan. The blower fan is responsible for circulating cool air through the home. While compressors create the cool air, the blower fan circulates it and sends it out. A broken blower fan will stall the cooling cycle and will need repairing or replacing. Condenser fans, on the other hand, pull outside cooling air into the heat exchanger of the condenser, the part responsible for cooling the refrigerant and making it into a liquid. A broken condenser fan can cause the unit to overheat.

Blower Repair and Replacement

Blowers in an air conditioning unit are the part that circulate the air via a motorized fan. When a blower motor stops running and is need of repair or replacement, it shuts off the fan, which, in turn, stalls the cooling cycle. Our technicians can repair or replace your faulty blower out of Bradford, ON to get your unit cooling again.

Coil Cleaning and Replacement

Air conditioner coils either absorb hot air or remove it from the home. When they get dirty or grimy they lose their efficiency at absorbing and removing heat. Regular maintenance and cleaning will keep your air conditioner coils running efficiently. Replacing failing coils will keep your air conditioner in operating order.

Condensers cool the refrigerant in an AC system.

Condenser Motor Replacement

Condensers cool the refrigerant, liquefying it as part of the cooling cycle. Condensers are motorized and like compressors subject to wear. A condenser is essential in keeping the refrigerant flowing and the air conditioner as a whole operating. Dirt and grime can also affect condensers.

As you can see all the parts of the air conditioner have to be in good shape for it to function properly. When any part breaks down, your air conditioner tends to shut down and stop blowing cool air. Some components can shut the system down entirely until they are repaired or replaced.

If you are having problems with your air conditioner, our technicians are highly skilled at part replacement and repair out of Bradford, ON. Call 905-806-1409 to schedule repairs.